Eccarvit Plus

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Eccarvit Plus con Ginkgo Biloba |
Dietary supplement composed by Ginkgo Biloba, Chromium Picolinate, vitamin C and vitamin E, Astaxanthin
Useful to strengthen the anti-oxidant and anti-arteriosclerotic action because it reduces the LDL and increases the HDL. Furthermore, it reduces the fibrinogen and improves the circulatory system at three different levels (veins, arteries, capillaries). It fights and slows down the development of free radicals and prevents the cardiovascular disease.
Association of ginkgo biloba (90 mg), with chromium picolinate and Vitamins C, E and Astaxanthin.

Package: 12 capsules, 292,1 mg each (we underline you that we will use capsule in white-grey and white color, because we have followed the new laws on the coloring agents)

Ginkgo Biloba

(Dry extract standardized essentially composed by 24% of bioflavonoid and 7% of ginkgolides)
It increases the learning ability and concentration. It has a three regulating functions on arteries, veins and capillaries. It reduces the fibrinogen and plasma viscosity. It contrasts the oxygen free radicals (then it’s useful to its association with cardiovascular pathologies). Improvement of sexual activity and neurasthenia.

Chromium Polinicotinate

The most absorbable and safe handling of chromium (trivalent), whose major role is to enhance the action of insulin, with a better metabolism of nutrients.
It’s useful in the hypercholesterolemia (increasing HDL and decreasing LDL) and lowers the risk of hyperinsulinemia.


It’s known that vitamin C and vitamin E have an antioxidant action and contrast the free radicals. The Astaxanthin is the modern substitute for Betacarotene as a major antioxidant and antiradical action and sometimes avoids the adverse events encountered with the use of Betacarotene.
The combination of the three antioxidants is also helpful to prevent the oxidation of LDL and thus in the cardiovascular disease; it’s also known that the antioxidants improve the cognitive (Alzheimer) and the visual (cataracts, retinopathy) functions.
Antioxidants may be useful in conjunction with the phototherapy, in the leucoderma treatment.
The association of these components performs a broad and synergistic action against ageing, as can fight the decay of various physiological functions due to age: useful in preventing cardiovascular disease.

Recommended dosage

1-2 capsules per day, according to medical advice.


Avoid, at the same time, the use of anticoagulants; avoid also the use during pregnancy, nursing and keep out of the children’s reach.
Eccarvit Plus is lactose and gluten free and is listed in the “Italian Celiac Association” food handbook