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Useful as snack in the weight control associated to the low calorie diets and constipation, mainly in children, pregnant women and aged. With advice of the a physician, it may be used also by diabetics.
The only “functional chocolate” that combines the beneficial properties of glucomannan fiber (type E425) with those of dark cocoa

100 g tablet – milk or dark chocolate with fiber of glucomannan

Cadicioc is useful to provide a high intake of both soluble (glucomannan type E425) and insoluble (cocoa) fiber, with a pleasant taste, it’s efficacious for chronic functional constipation, for low calorie diets (supervised), for metabolic disorders. Ideal for children, elderly people, pregnant women and diabetics.

Actions of glucomannan

Fiber with high viscosity and high power of imbibition (1:100) (see also Ecamannan).The 97,5% finest glucomannan (type E 425) is particularly useful in the reduction and the control of the weight and of the cholesterol in the blood.
It has the function to reduce the hyperglycemic postprandial peak and the insulin request and for constipation because of its bulk forming action through the gel that decreases the intestinal transit time with the formation of bigger and softer faeces.
Useful in low calorie diets because it helps achieving sooner a long lasting feeling of satiety, which makes easier following the diet. It’s useful to control the glycaemia level because it eliminates the hyperglycemic postprandial peak and reduces the insulin request.
Useful for hypercholesterolemia, especially when combined with an appropriate diet.

Actions of chocolate

It makes easier and pleasant the administration of glucomannan for constipation and in low calorie diets, increasing the fiber intake as well. Moreover, it is important to remember that Cadicioc, both dark and milk, improves the mood (antidepressant) and also improves the therapy for cardiovascular disease with antioxidant and cholesterol-lowering actions.
A good intake of magnesium helps counteracting cramps and muscle fatigue.
Many medical trials published on international journals show the effectiveness of glucomannan and dark chocolate.
The efficacy of the product has been described by the newspaper La Nazione 23 November 2007(year 149 – n.323) in an article titled “Inventions, the chocolate that makes lose weight”.

Nutritional values

MILK CADICIOC for 100 gr for piece 4,16 gr
Carbohydrates included 50,6 g 2,11 g
sugars 50,6 g 2,11 g
Fats included 28,8 g 1,20 g
saturated 17,2 g 0,71 g
Proteins 7,5 g 0,31 g
Dietary Fibres 11,7 g 0,49 g
Sodium 105,0 mg 4,37 mg
Energetic value in kcal 492,0 Kcal 20,42 Kcal
Energetic value in Kj 2058,0 Kj 85,75 Kj
DARK CADICIOC for 100 gr for pieces 4,16 gr
Carbohydrates included 48,0 g 2,00 g
sugars 48,0 g 2,00 g
Fats included 29,7 g 1,23 g
saturated 18,4 g 0,76 g
Proteins 6,5 g 0,27 g
Dietary Fibres 14,4 g 0,60 g
Sodium 13,0 mg 0,54 mg
Energetic value in Kcal 485,0 Kcal 20,17 Kcal
Energetic value in Kj 2031,0 Kj 84,62 Kj

Dosage and Administration

2-3 chocolate pieces as a snack, followed by a glass of water or any other drink, to be taken on an empty stomach or according to medical advice.
Regularly declared to Italian Ministry of Health.


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