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Propast la pasta dermoprotettiva con zinco e propoli | cadigroup.euComposed of zinc oxide (6%), pollen-free propolis (2%), undecylenic acid, titanium dioxide and water repellent starch
Indicated for rashes, irritations, itching, mycosis, sunburns, insect bites, various kind of burns, etc.

Package: 30ml tube.

Propast, with its particular composition, represents a novelty for the prevention and elimination of those bothersome irritations even when complicated by mycosis.

Propolis (pollen-free)
Anti-inflammatory, antimycotic and anesthetizing action.

Zinc oxide
Anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing action.

Titanium dioxide
Has protective and anti-itching effects.

Undecilenic acid
Protective and anti-itch action.

Water repellent starch
Protective action with a non occlusive protective pellicle, that keeps the active components on the treated area for at least 6/12 hours.

Therefore Propast, with its many actions, can be used for:

  • Dermatitis (e.g. caused by nappies or external agents): Propast, not only, eliminates the inflammation but prevents possible onset of mycoses as well. It can also be used as a preventive treatment. The water repellent starch helps to keep the active ingredients on the treated area which would be otherwise removed by urine and faeces;
  • Hemorrhoids: Propast, with its protective, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and anesthetizing effect, improves the symptoms, giving relief to the patients;
  • Anal, perianal and vaginal itching;
  • Rhagades;
  • Before and after colonoscopy;
  • Stomies: apply a thin layer of Propast to prevent itching and redness around the bag pipe;
  • Sun or other atmospheric agents protection and sunburns;
  • Burns and insect bites;
  • Onyco-mycosis and crypto-mycosis: in those formed on the “diabetic foot” as well;
  • Negli stadi iniziali di onico e criptomicosi: anche per quelle formatesi nel “piede diabetico”;
  • Before a glycolic acid peeling, to protect the parts not to be treated; after the peeling, to ease any possible skin irritation or itching.


Apply on clean and dry skin once a day or as needed. Thanks to its excipients, Propast is easy to apply and highly absorbable.


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