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Ca.Di.Group S.r.l. is one of the fastest growing family-owned company in the nutritional and food supplement business in Italy.
The Company was founded in 1993 by Dr. Gianfranco Caramelli who has developed his experience first in Zambeletti Farmaceutici then in Wyeth International, creating then his own pharmaceutical companies. In Ca.Di.Group he cooperates with his sons from 1994 in the promotion and selling activity of their products. It is a family with a long tradition of understanding health problems and a dedication towards prevention with the aim to develop top grade nutritional products to fit the needs of the consumers.
Today they want to continue to distinguish ourselves from other companies within the Italian Nutraceutical market by using the highest quality standards to achieve successful results.

The aim of Ca.Di.Group is studying and realizing the new dietetic and neutraceutical products and improving continuously the effectiveness of the already existing ones. The competence area is supplements for the daily diet.
Today the company, with a continued research and the development of innovative products in combination with good marketing strategies, distributes and sells 12 innovative and patented quality products in the gastroenterological, dietological, pediatric, dermatologic, obstetric, gynecological, radiotherapy and surgical colon-proctological fields with a well-established and trained Sales Force across Italy.
The formulations, the registered trademarks and the patents of the products are owned by Ca.Di.Group are produced in specialized factories authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health.
The products are sold through the usual pharmaceutical channels (wholesalers, pharmacies), with special prices offered in the pharmaceutical area to many public and private hospitals.

In Italy sales are promoted by medical representatives who are trained with scientific courses and updating meetings. We offer to the specialists theoretical and practical applications, using ethic and highly scientific material, based on clinical trials made in the most important Italian Universities, which prove the properties, the effectiveness and the safety of our products.
The distribution of some products and the selling abroad has been realized through an exclusive partnership with some local companies.
In the near future Ca.Di.Group is planning to launch in the market new products which have the final composition and the production already defined, awaiting only to complete the clinical tests by some Italian Universities.
In Europe the products are distributed by Vivapharma for the Hungarian market and by Alba Medica for the Greek market.

Ca.Di. Group participates to the most important specialized congresses in its competence area at a regional and national level and it was the first company to:

  • use Inulin in oral solution to improve the hydration and to normalize the intestinal microflora (Sodioral with inulin);
  • introduce, distribute and sell peppermint oil in enteric coated capsules for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (Mintoil);
  • produce chocolate that contains fiber (glucomannan), which makes easier the fiber treatment especially with children and also providing an important antioxidant supplement (Cadicioc);
  • demonstrate the effectiveness of the Glucomannan for decreasing total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in hypercholesterolemic children, without any adverse reaction (Ecamannan);
  • demonstrate the effectiveness of symbiotic (Probinul) in the eradication of the H. Pylori treatment (Pr. De Bortoli);
  • demonstrate the effectiveness of symbiotic (Probinul) to reduce the flatulence of patients with IBS (Pr.a Iovino) and in the ulcerative colitis (Pr. Guslandi);
  • demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of the association of polimetossiflavons, octacosanols, thocotryenol, astaxanthin and chromium polynicotinate for hypercholesterolemic patients (Miracol);
  • carry out pharmacological studies on the fibrosis treatment (colon and hepatic) based on new associations of nutraceuticals. The results obtained on the animals are very good and we believe to introduce soon in the market the final product that will be the only one against the onset and development of fibrosis caused by inflammatory states.

Moreover two clinic studies are in progress in some important Italian oncologic hospitals on another specific product (Faringel) in radiotherapy treatments (mucositis or esophageal inflammation). Additionally, in an important gastroenterology center, an important study on the treatment of the gastro esophageal reflux has been carried out (Pr. Savarino).

It is important to underline that the clinical trials related to Ca.Di. Group products are published on very important international medical journals like BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF GASTROENTEROLOGY, NUTRITION METABOLISM AND CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES.

All the Ca.Di.Group products are:

  • Gluten free and listed in the Italian Celiac Association handbook
  • Lactose and aspartame free