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Perché siamo passati da Probinul a Probinul5 | cadigroup.eu

Microencapsulated probiotics contained in Probinul5 are no doubt the future for this type of supplements. It is good to clarify that the efficacy of probiotic-containing products is closely related to the stability of the bacterial strains which, to make their beneficial action, must arrive alive and vital in the intestine, colonizing the mucosa.

Thanks to micro-encapsulation we are able to protect each individual bacterial cell by external agents (humidity, oxygen, light, osmotic pressure, acidity etc.) which determine the degradation at all stages of production, packaging and storage until use, both from the aggression of biological fluids (first gastric juice) responsible for cell death before reaching the intestine. As a result, several studies have shown that the ability of PROBINUL5 microencapsulated probiotics of colonizing is five times higher than that of any probiotic nude.

Effective protection against attack from biological fluids, in addition, allowed to slightly change the composition of the Probinul. Were eliminated, the Lactobacillus Sporogenes, used as “open track” to improve the survival of other probiotics along the gastro-duodenal tract (now useless), and Lactobacillus Gasseri that has an action very similar to other strains present. In their place was instead added a new strain (Bifidobatterium Lactis BS01) proven effective against constipation, which gives completeness to the action of Probinul5.

In conclusion, with Probinul5 we wanted to look to the future, using and innovative technology in order to offer a better product, more effective and more stable.

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